Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zucchini Noodle Marinara Sauce Pasta

Finally we are getting some much needed rain here in California, which means I wanted to stay inside tonight and create this warm hearty yet healthy pasta. I have been sorely missing pasta in my life as I have stopped eating wheat due to the immediate negative impact it has on my waist line and health. But with my new amazing GEFU Spiralizer I can turn zucchini into linguine like noodles that taste like, and have a similar texture to, regular pasta! It's revolutionary! I can't even explain how much I love this little kitchen gadget! I have been using it almost every night, making up for the years with out pasta. Finally Italian food is back on the menu!!

Zucchini Noodle Marinara Sauce Pasta (serves two)


2 medium zucchini -spiralized

1 cup yellow onion - diced

2 cloves of garlic - minced

3 large tomatoes- diced

3 cups fresh spinach

2 cups mushrooms -sliced and roughly cut

3 tbsp dried tomatoes

2 tbsp olive oil

1tsp basil

1 tsp oregano

2 tbsp tomato paste

Heavy splash of balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste




1. Chop onions and mince garlic and place them into a medium sauce pan with the olive oil over low-medium heat

2. Chop and then add the mushrooms to the pan after 5 minutes of sautéing the onions and garlic

3. Add in the basil, oregano, and balsamic vinegar to the mushroom, onion and garlic mixture

4. Chop tomatoes and add them to the sauce pan along with the dried tomatoes and tomato paste and allow them to simmer over medium heat for 5-10 minutes

5. Remove the end of the zucchini and place it into the spiralizer and begin to twist the zucchini clockwise to make the zucchini noodles

6. Once the zucchini has been spiralized, add it into the sauce mixture and allow noodles to soften over low heat

7. Add in the fresh spinach and allow it to wilt and become part of the sauce

8. Remove pasta from heat and season it with salt and pepper to taste

9. Enjoy your delicious pasta guilt free, knowing you cooked yourself a healthy meal chock full of veggies!



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