Tuesday, January 14, 2014

About Me:

Health and fitness enthusiast, with a passion for creating amazing chopped salads! Salads are so versatile, they can be transformed to fit any mood, craving, or list of ingredients. My salad making philosophy - mantra- whatever you want to call it, is to combine as many healthy, colorful ingredients to create a salad that is immensely nutritious and tasty all at the same time. And yes I do eat salad with a spoon, try it! You might not want that salad fork back.

I'm creating this blog to share some of my recipes, ideas, and health tips with my friends and family who regularly ask me to send them the recipe for my Instagram/ Facebook food photos I post when I'm cooking. Many of the healthy changes I have been making in my own life have been positively influencing those around me, which brings me so much pleasure to be able to help other people on the path to becoming their best selves!

So I'm hoping this will expand the reach of my healthy choices to others wanting to eat better, exercise more, and live longer healthier happier lives! That's all I'm try to do, take care of my body, one day at time, making healthy choices, and hopefully helping you do the same.

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