Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why I love Rice Vinegar..

After college I realized I needed to start making better food choices, as the ones I the ones I were making weren't doing my body any favors. Soon after I discoved my local Farmers Market was every Tuesday night and began buying local fresh produce weekly on my walk home from work. It was then, that I became obsessed with salads, I would make them for lunch and dinner most days, and the change in my body was immediate, I felt better, my skin looked better, I had more energy, I was addicted to salad.

Actually, I still am. Initially, I expirimented with different types of dressings, but didn't want anything too laden with oil and fats, as that defeats the purpose of salad.. until I eventually came across rice vinegar!

Rice Vinegar- Let me count the ways in which I love thee..
  1. It's delicious! It is very flavorful and can be used on its own as salad dressing or seasonsing for your veggies!
  2. Contains very few calories -  only 25 in a half cup!
  3. It's low in sodium
  4. Great source of Iron and Potassium
  5. Helps to maintain a health immune system, one of the most benificial qualities of rice vinegar is its composition of essential amino acids, which help fight free redicals.
  6. Shown to be helpful in lowering blood glucose levels
  7. It aids in nutrient absorption, due to its content of acetic acid, which helps with digestive health by increasing the body's ability to asorb nutrients from foods. Vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed from foods that are collectovely consumed with rice vinegar. 
  8. Without rice viegar there would be no sushi!!!!
  9. Powerful antiseptic -  It kills on contact, dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and streptococcus.
Yes, I do buy it buy the gallon, I go through it so fast, that the small bottles just don't do it for me anymore. I encourage you to try some on you salad tonight!

Further reading on Rice Vinegar, if you are interested..

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